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  • Those Who Dance in the Dark, a documentary about young blind people, was premiered at the 2022 Warsaw Film Festival and awarded the best documentary film.

  • Jana Ševčíková was granted the Contribution to World Cinema award at the 25th annual Ji.hlava IDFF.

    „Jana Ševčíková’s talent was appreciated mainly abroad. She has been ahead of her time. She always clung to her own independence and made films exclusively in her own production, even at a time when this was far from common. Her deep empathy, dedication to the film form, liveliness and authentic humanism run through her entire film work and are an adornment not only of Czech and not only of ethnographic film,“ explains Marek Hovorka, Ji.hlava IDFF director.

  • Old Believers will soon be available in 4K/2K/HD quality, in movie theater format, VOD and TV format including Czech and English subtitles.


Jana Ševčíková

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With films that reflect on life in contemporary Eastern Europe, Czech filmmaker Jana Ševčíková has distinguished herself as a practitioner of poetic documentary. A graduate of the Prague Film Academy, her thesis film, Piemule (1984), offers a frank examination of Czech émigrés in Romania during the final years of Ceausecu‘s totaltitarian regime. She has produced films independently, such as Jakub (1992), and received state funding from the Czech Ministry of Culture. Her films have been shown at festivals in Berlin, Strasbourg, Karlovy Vary and Cracow. Praised throughout Europe, Ševčíková‘s intimately crafted works challenge the distanced conventions of ethnographic filmmaking.

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