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The Rite of Spring

55 min
Jana Ševčíková
Jana Ševčíková
Jana Ševčíková
Director of photography:
Jaromír Kačer
Lucie Haladová
Pavel Dvořák, Jiří Peser
Jana Ševčíková, Petr Sitár

Film was produced with support of The Czech Republic State Fund for Support and Development of Czech Cinematography.


Min Tanaka with his group Maj-Juku is a distinctive personality of Japanese theatre.Theatre in which the mind requestens the tongue and so the body becomes the tongue.The Rite of Spring was born on a farm in the village of Hokušu, the home of Min Tanaka. Every year n-people from all over the world travel here to participate with Min Tanaka’s summer workshops.He says: “ People from all over the world dance with me and they are entirely different from one another. Not only physically but also in their unique stories. They are a sort of history of the body. I expect each dancer to draw the theme from his own personal experience. Each one of us is standing at the end of the very long line of development, that leads us back to our childhood, to our parents, right back to our animal essence”.


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Screenings, festivals and awards

  • Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, 2002 - Audience award
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2003
  • Film Festival Rotterdam 2003

Stills from the movie

The Rite of Spring The Rite of Spring The Rite of Spring The Rite of Spring The Rite of Spring The Rite of Spring